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The History of the Cockpit Organizer

The History Of The Cockpit Organizer

Jack Wright was the original designer of the organizer formally known as the Cockpit Companion.

He designed and created it in 1995 to organize his cockpit and make it safer. He utilized the wasted space between the seats of his Cessna 182 and made a wonderful product.

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In 2020 I contacted Jack to purchase a unit for my busy fire department Cessna 182 cockpit. Jack told me, “We lost our home, business, and inventory in the fire here in Santa Rosa in 2017 (Tubbs fire).  We were in the epicenter of it.”

The History Of The Cockpit Organizer
Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa, California in 2017

The unit was no longer available.

The Cockpit Companion Was Cremated, Dead, and Buried

Jack said, “I think I had one somewhere but it is melted plastic in a dump somewhere now.  I had drawings I’m sure, but there are gone too, of course, I have nothing left of it.”

It was very ironic that here I was a firefighter pilot flying a Cessna 182 pilot and the item I was looking for had been lost to a fire.

Unfortunately, all the original Cessna Cockpit Companions had been lost in the fire along with the designs, drawings, and all of Jack’s computers. The manufacturer of the Cessna Cockpit Companion was gone as well.

The Tubbs fire was a tragedy and a total loss when it came to the Cockpit Companion.

But with Jack’s blessing I worked to raise the organizer from the ashes. Literally. Using a very blurry photo of an old unit I hired an engineer to redesign the unit. CAD drawings were prepared, and modifications were made to update it for modern cockpit electronic needs.

In the end, I decided to change the name from Cockpit Companion to Cockpit Organizer to reflect the new life for the old Cockpit Companion.

It turns out Jack and I both have a love of rescue dogs and Jack and I donate a portion of each sale to help support saving rescue dogs for better lives.

See the new Cockpit Organizer, here.

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