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If you have aviation documents laying around from years ago, I would be happy to scan them for you for free and send you the scanned files. These might be pilot manuals, aircraft manuals, aircraft study guides, etc.

Saving aviation history takes teamwork and dedication to save the past.

There is no cost to you.

Here is How This Works

  • Contact me and let me make sure I don’t already have the documents.
  • If I don’t have them I will email you a label to pay for UPS postage so you can send all the manuals to me.
  • I will scan the documents in high resolution and send you back the scanned files for free.
  • The original documents will be safely archived in climate controlled storage.
  • The scanned files be made available to all who are interested in aviation history.

Over the years so many good people have donated items for me to scan and that is how they are now available for others to utilize and cherish.

Please consider donating documents you have access to.

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