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Cockpit Organizer

If you are looking for a Cessna floor organizer, storage console, or cockpit companion, The Cockpit Organizer is for you. The Cockpit Organizer slides easily between the seats and allows the pilot to keep needed items within easy reach. Helps to make your cockpit safer, tidy, and adds instant storage.

Designed for the modern cockpit. Places to hold drinks, tablets, cables, and more are designed with the pilot in mind. Designed by a Cessna pilot for Cessna pilots.

Custom Cockpit Organizers are also possible for any aircraft.

Perfect gift for:

  • Airplane Owner – Increases the value of the cockpit.
  • Student Pilot – Keep everything close at hand.
  • Aircraft Renter – Easily slides in and out between the front seats.

Christos Mcguire from Ripon purchased

Custom Cockpit Organizer for Any Airplane

22 minutes ago

Kevin says:

I love the Cockpit Organizer by Rare Aviation because I always have stuff and nowhere to put it. Handheld radio, fire extinguisher, PLB, POH, extra iPad, cables, batteries, etc., are now within easy reach. It’s lightweight, strong, easy to move when necessary, and clear so I can see everything. It’s the perfect cockpit organizer!

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