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Pilgrim 100

The Fairchild 100 Pilgrim is an American single-engined high-wing monoplane transport and was one of a series of single-engine utility transports built by Fairchild Aircraft. The 100 was similar in design to the Fairchild C-8 and was an enlarged version of it.

The first flight of the aircraft (NC754Y) was on October 22, 1930. Although only one aircraft was completed, a modified version also known as the Pilgrim 100-A was in production for American Airways, the first operator of the type in 1931. After a total of 16 aircraft, an additional batch of ten aircraft with a larger fin were manufactured by the restructured American Aircraft & Engine Corporation that emerged in 1931 from the Fairchild Aircraft Co. The continuing series was built under the designations, Pilgrim 100-B and American/Fairchild Y1C-24. The first six in the new series went to American Airways. The parent company later reinstated the Fairchild name. – Source

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