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Gun Camera WWII – RAW! 359th Fighter Group

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This volume is comprised of 359th Fighter Group footage, including the films of several aces. The 359th Fighter Group was stationed at East Wretham during the war. The group flew a total of 346 missions with enemy aircraft claims of 253 in the air and 98 on the ground.

Nicknamed the Unicorns, the 359th Fighter Group was one of the last fighter groups to arrive, October 19, 1943, to the ETO. Here is a special DVD for all you out there who have a special interest in understanding and appreciating the special role of American airpower in WWII.

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It is captured in ninety segments of raw (unedited, uncensored, and untouched) footage as it actually happened.

The images are from the film as it came out of the gun cameras of American fighter planes participating in aerial engagements during the period from early 1944 to the end of the European campaign. It includes gun camera films shot on D-Day as well.

The segments cover fighter plane combat actions.

You will witness lots of “down on the deck” strafing of trucks, trains, troops, ships, ground towers, and enemy planes on the ground and taking off as well as dramatic air combat.

Viewing this film gives special meaning to being a witness to history.

The individual pilots and particulars of each segment are included.

“I just viewed the WWII RAW gun camera DVD from This was the most intense and riveting collection of WWII action I have ever seen. Even though each segment lasted a few seconds, these gun camera films kept me transfixed on my screen. Watching locomotive boilers explode from massive machine gun hits from very low flying aircraft is absolutely fascinating! To see a low-level full-length strafing of a munitions train was incredible. I noticed the vibration of the gun camera itself when the machine guns are actually firing. I am going to watch this Rare Aviation film over and over again! Do you want reality TV? This is about as real and as serious as it gets! You won’t be disappointed. Steve B”

This Film is Endorsed by the 359th Fighter Group Association Historian Recent Feedback on this Film

Shot List

The descriptions are [Date] [Pilot] [Squadron] [Fighter Group] [Target] – [Description]

8/9/1944 Lt. J. Wilson 370 359 FW 190 – Skies are full of multiple fighters. Hard to tell friendlies from foes. Target aircraft is struck and starts smoking. Flying 43-24778 CS-H/ as White 4 in LTC Murphy’s Flight. ER states that: About 20 miles NW of Munich we saw about 30 Me109s and FW 190’s. Col. Murphy got on the tail of a Me 109 and the wheels came down when he fired at it. I turned right with Lt. Lux, White Three, and got on the tail of a Me 109. I fired while he was in a turn and undershot him. He started an aileron roll straight and I hit him from dead astern. White smoke came out of his scoop near the wing root. I fired while he was sideways to me. A FW 190 came past me so I had to pull up. The Me109 straightened out and went straight down emitting white smoke. The last I saw of him he was still going down headed for the middle of a large wooded area. His altitude was about 1,000 feet. My altitude was about 19,000 at this time. An E/A came at me and I had to start evasive action. I claim (1) Me 109 destroyed in Air. Ammunition expended was 539 rds of API. Wilson was awarded (1) P.D. Air.

8/9/1944 Lt. Elbert W. Tilton 370 359 ME 109 – Medium range pursuit of target aircraft. Flying P-51, 42-106902 CS-C, camera plane, gains on target aircraft. ER states: I was flying Blue Three, but when Blue Leader came back I took over Blue Flight. In the area of Gunzburg, we ran across a bunch of Me 109’s. I picked one out and followed him around. In the first burst I observed strikes on the wing rood and right side of the fuselage and pieces started coming off. I overshot him so I turned away and came back. I then managed to get on his tail. By this time we were losing altitude very fast. When I got in range I let him have it dead astern, pieces of the aircraft flew off and then the pilot bailed out. I followed the plane and took a picture of it burning. This action all took place between 28,000 and the deck. The approximate distance when firing was 500 ft. I also saw Lt. Jones, who was flying White Two hit a Me 109 and it started to smoke. He said, “The pilot had already bailed out.” I claim one (1) Me 109 destroyed in air. Tilton was awarded 1 destroyed Air.

8/9/1944 Lt. Col. John B. Murphy 370 359 ME 109 – Target aircraft is fired upon at medium range. Appears to be another pass where the target aircraft is passing at a 45-degree angle towards the camera plane. The next encounter is at a much longer range. Target aircraft appears to have been damaged. The right main gear is suspended. Flying P-51 44-13604, CS-U, in the vicinity of Gunzburg at 1115 to 1130 hours. ER states: I was flying at 26,000 ft. level with the bombers and on to the port when I sighted a formation of E/A approaching the bombers from 1100 o’clock at 28,000 ft. I started climbing towards them. They passed over me without attacking either my formation or the bombers. I followed them, still climbing. Approximately a mile behind the bombers they started a circle when I met them head-on and fired as I passed slightly under them. I made two head-on passes like this, snap shooting as I passed them but concentrating mainly on their top cover of about eight E/A. On my third pass, I reversed my turn since the top cover was being engaged by other P-51’s and closed on the tail end of the larger formation of about 20 Me 109’s and FW 190s. I fired a long burst at an FW 190 while I was slightly below him. I didn’t recall seeing strikes at the time but was fairly sure that I had hit him by the shock and shudder of his plane. I temporarily diverted my attention from him and fired at another. A few seconds later I noticed the first that I had fired at had his wheel down so I gave him another long burst and scored many strikes along the left side of the fuselage with the larger concentration above the left wing root. He rolled over after this and I did not attempt to follow him down. Ammunition expended: 3,244 rds of API. I claim one (1) FW 190 destroyed in air. LtC Murphy was awarded 1 destroyed air.

8/7/1944 F/O Emory .C. Cook 368 359 Truck Footage begins with trees in the foreground. Looks like the gun camera was run on the ground during installation. Low strafing runs on a truck on road. Houses to the left. The second pass was made. Was flying P-51B 43-12478 CV-P that was converted to a two-seater and became CV-P. Cook was flying Green Four.

8/7/1944 Capt. W.C. Forehand 368 359 Water, Truck – Shooting while flying low over a large body of water. Does not appear to be an object on the surface of the water. Forehand strafes the same truck as F/O Cook did in the previous film. Was flying P-51 44-13786 CV-B/ as Red Leader.

8/7/1944 2nd Lt. Elby J. Beal 368 359 Truck – 2nd Lt. Beal was flying Red Two as wingman to Red Leader, Capt. W.C. Forehand. The same truck strafed on road. Flying P-51 43-6581 (John Keesey’s assigned A/C).

8/8/1944 2nd Lt. Eugene F. Britton 368 359 Truck – Truck on the open road without shelter is strafed. Flying P-51 42-106611 CV-K. He was Green Three in Lt. Perkins flight.

8/8/1944 1st Lt. Earl P. Perkins 368 359 Truck – Same truck strafed by Britton is strafed by Perkins. Perkins, Green Leader, is at a higher and steeper angle of attack. Flying P-51 44-13943 CV -Q.

8/8/1944 2nd Lt. Merle B. Barth 368 359 Truck – Strafing lone truck on road. Flying P-51 43-12433 CV-C, Joe Aschenmacher’s assigned Aircraft. Lt. Barth was Yellow Two as wingman to Lt. Robert B. Hatter.

8/8/1944 2nd Lt. Robert B. Hatter 368 359 Truck – Same truck as strafed by Barth. Two people are seen in the background running for trees. As strafing begins they dive to the ground. Flying P-51 44-13669 CV-I as Yellow flight leader.

8/8/1944 F/O Emory C. Cook 368 359 Unknown – Very hazy no target spotted. Flying P-51 43-12478 CV-P as Red Four.

8/8/1944 2nd Lt. Ray A. Boyd Jr 368 359 Truck – Truck strafed. Flying P-51D 44-14329 CV-X. Lost in this aircraft on December 24, 1944 and became a POW.

8/8/1944 2nd Lt. Cornelius J. Cavanaugh 368 359 ME 109, Ground Target – Left turning dive to intercept E/A passing below camera plane. Strikes were seen on target aircraft. Ground target strafed. Flying P-51C 42-103197 CV-Y marked SWEET JEAN MARIE. ER states: On 8 August I was flying No. 4 Blue. First saw E/A at 9 o’clock low and we broke into them and chased them into low cloud. When we pulled up on other side they were waiting. One fired over my canopy so I broke & did a steep climbing turn. A E/A went by me with a pt 9n his tail so I tagged on. We dove straight to the deck where Lt. Keesey, who was flying the other P-51, went into a luftberry with the E/A. I pulled up to about 1,000 feet, and waited. Finally I made a pass about 15 degree deflection from head-on in an attempt to roll him out. I missed on first pass but pulled up and tried again. On second pass I made hits on E/A left wing. When I pulled up I saw E/A’s left wing smoking and Lt. Keesey rode him into the ground. E/A crashed and lost his wing. It is my belief that the pilot was dead. Ammunition expended 400 rds API. I claim one FW 190 damaged. Lt. Cavanaugh was awarded 1 damaged air.

8/8/1944 2nd Lt. John S. Keesey 368 359 FW 190 – Target aircraft passes above camera plane. Three other aircraft following the first plane. Another plane makes a similar off nose head-to-head pass. Camera plane finds another target aircraft and makes diving right turn to intercept. Flying P-51 CV-V 43-106581 named Tootser. From ER: Lt. John S. Keesey was leading the element, White Three, in Capt. Forehand’s flight. After providing bomber support in the vicinity of Dreuc, France they began letting down in an easterly direction to strafe. At approx. 17,000 ft 25 E/A dove under us, coming from 7 o’clock. We turned into them and they all split S’d …. At about 15,000 ft. I saw three of them at 3 o’clock. They were about 1,000 ft. above us then…. I called them in and then turned into them in a slight climb. Just at the time we turned, approx. 30 more E/A dove at us from out of the sun. They were at approximately 25,000 ft. At this time the first E/As came at me in a diving turn. I passed thru them head on. While going thru I fired at several of them and distinctly remember getting strikes on three of them. On one of these I got strikes on the fuselage and about the canopy, firing from about 15 degrees to starboard of the E/A’s nose from head on. The pilot was probably killed. I claim this one as probable. On the other two I had strikes on the wings. These I claim as damaged. One of the E/A got 3 strikes on my right wing. After I passed the last one, I noticed taht two of the E/A had already turned and were coming at me in a climbing turn from 7 o’clock….. I started rolling out to the left and before completing my roll-out I saw an E/A on a 51’s tail at about 3 o’clock and about 2,000 ft. below. Just then the E/A began firing and the P-51 started trailing smoke. … At this time the P-51 started down in a steep spiral and the E/A split S’d to the left and dove straight down. I used full bore and approximately 2800 RPM to stay up with him. …he made a slight turn left and went thru some clouds. I followed right thru and when we broke out at about 5,000 ft I was right on his tail with my airspeed 600. He started his pull out at 4,000 and leveled off on the deck with streamers pulling of his wings…… I then fired a burst and discovered I had but one gun firing – my other three had jammed. I turned with him for about two mins. and fired short burst when I got a good head. I had no trouble turning with the E/A but at one time I hit his prop wash and flicked. He then had the advantage but I got it back when I did a little climb and sucked it in. I then fired another burst and he began trailing thick smoke. … I then fired another burst and saw strikes on the E/A’s cowling so I left my sight drift back and got strikes along the fuselage. At this time he flicked out of the turn and hit the ground in a dive. I tried to fire as he flicked out of the turn but my only gun had jammed. When he hit the ground his left wing and tail section tore off. He bounced back up and finally crashed about 200 yds from where he first hit…. The combat took place at about 100 ft. I claim this E/A destroyed. Lt. Keesey was awarded 1 FW 190 destroyed and 3 FW’s damaged. Also on that day Lt. Willis J. Cherry flying yellow four was lost and became a POW Somery France.

8/8/1944 1st Lt. J.D. Stevens 369 359 Ground Targets- Strafing of the target on the ground. Lt. Jack R. Stevens flying his A/C P-51 42-106680 IV-J as Blue Three, element leader.

8/8/1944 2nd Lt. John E. Keur 369 359 Truck – Strafing trucks on road behind trees. Makes another pass and gets a clear shot at truck. Flying P-51 43-12186 IV-R, Lt. Ralston’s assigned aircraft. Lt. Keur was Green flight leader. On September 20, 1944 Lt. Keur bailed out of his aircraft due an engine fire.

8/8/1944 2nd Lt. Ferris C. Suttle Jr 369 359 Flak Tower – Strafing flak tower. Flying P-51C 42-103797 IV-E named DARLIN’ EARLINE. Lt. Ferris C. Suttle, Jr. was Blue Four, Steven’s wingman. This aircraft was lost two days latter while being flown by Lt. Lawrence Bearden who was KIA. Suttle was KIA near Luneville, France, on August 28, 1944.

8/8/1944 2nd Lt. Grover C Deen 369 359 TruckAppears to be same truck strafed by Keur on same day with same two passes. Lt. Grover C. Deen is at a higher altitude, flying as Yellow Flight element leader. Flying P-51D 43-12434 IV-P, Edwin L. Sjoblad’s assigned aircraft. On September 18, 1944, Lt. Deen became a POW and Lt. Sjoblad was listed MIA later confirmed as KIA.

8/8/1944 Lt. Cunningham 370 359 Truck – Footage of object on ground by gun camera. Strafing truck. At about 1420 in vicinity of Rouen France Lt. Charles V. Cunningham was leading White Flight on a bomber escort and strafing mission. After escort Cunningham took the Squadron to the deck where they broke up into flights. They strafed trucks, on highways, and railroads. Cunningham was flying P-51 42-106704 CS-H.

8/8/1944 Lt. Vos 370 359 Truck – Same target in Lt. Cunninghams film. Lt. Vos was White Two as, Cunningham’s wingman. Benjamin J. Vos was flying P-51 44-13645 CS-M.

8/8/1944 Lt. Ramsier 370 359 Ground Targets – Strafing ground target while turning. Lt. Galen E. Ramser was Red Two, as wingman to O’shea, Red Leader. Ramser was flying a P-51 43-24778 CS-H/. This aircraft was totaled on Sept. 30, 1944, when Ramser crash landed on take-off due to engine failure. Ramser escaped unhurt.

8/8/1944 Lt. Connelly 370 359 Flak Tower – Strafing vehicle on road, marshalling yard, lone truck on road, flak tower tucked in trees at complex with radio tower and large building. Looks like a stable off to the left near small pond. Lt. Dick D. Connely flying P-51 44-14096 CS-V was Leading Yellow Flight on area support and strafing mission. Yellow flight was separated from Squadron after encountering very accurate and moderate flak. “My wing man and I then went to the ‘deck’ to shoot up an army staff car, which I destroyed. Then we saw an army 2-1/2 ton truck, which we fired at. I missed with my shots, but my wing man destroyed it. Then we saw a RR yard with freight cars in it. We went in on them and damaged 5 freight cars. After that, I lost my wingman and was hit in the left wing with flak. I was on the deck and saw a flak tower, which I shot up, and later one more tower. Then I started home, alone. I claim one (1) army staff car destroyed and two (2) flak towers damaged. I also claim one (1) truck destroyed and six (6) goods wagons damaged, in cooperation with Lt. Shoffit.”

8/8/1944 Lt. Newberg 370 359 Truck, Train – Lt. Warren R. Newberg comes up behind truck racing down road and strafes it. Strikes seen. Train strafed in almost vertical dive towards ground. Another strafing run on a lone truck with multiple hits. Another train is strafed. More trucks found and strafed. Lt. Newborg flying P-51 44-14038 CS-G was leading Blue Flight in the Area NE of the Seine River up to Lille. ER states, “We gave Area Support until the bombers had left the area and then followed Red and Yellow Flights to go strafing. We became separated from the other flights and we went on alone. We damaged a truck at Forges Les E. and damaged 20 goods wagons between Bapaums and Cambrai.”

8/8/1944 Lt. J. Wilson 370 359 Truck – Trucks strafed on road near village. Flight path takes us over village. More passes on truck from different approaches. Appears to be smoke coming from truck now. In an area NE of Rouen, Lt. John Wilson was flying P-51 44-13604 CS-U as Red Four, wingman to element leader, Lt. Buchanan. Red Flight claims (shared) five (5) trucks.

8/8/1944 Lt. Merry 370 359 Trains Low pass over village on clear day. Train strafed. The shadow of another aircraft in the flight is seen on ground ahead. Railcar at end of train is already seen smoking. Another train on a curve is strafed. Fellow plane in flight is now seen ahead and lower than camera plane, strafing same train. It appears to be same trains as strafed by Lt. Newberg. Plane seen may be the plane of Lt. Newberg. Lt. Milton Merry flying was P-51 44-13529 CS-D as Blue 4, wingman to element leader Lt. Tilton, in Lt. Newberg’s flight.

8/8/1944 Lt. E. Tilton 370 359 Trains – Appears to be same trains as strafed by Lt’s Merry and Newberg. In area NE of Seine River up to Lille after Area Support, Lt. Elbert W. Tilton was flying P-51 42-106902 as Blue Three, element leader, in Newberg’s flight. Newberg’s Blue Flight claimed one (1) truck damaged and twenty (20) goods cars damaged that day.

8/8/1944 Lt. York 370 359 Train – Train strafed is probably the same train strafed by Tilton, Newberg and Merry. Lt. Robert M. York flying P-51 44-13893 CS-E as Blue Two, wingman to Flight Leader Lt. Newberg , is another one of the four pilots in this flight.

8/8/1944 Lt. Shoffit 370 359 Train and Truck – Train and truck strafed. Lt. Jimmy C. Shoffit flying P-51 42-106692 as Yellow Two, D.D. Connelly Yellow Leader’s wingman, in vicinity of Argueil cooperates in destroying and damaging several ground targets after area support to the bombers.

8/8/1944 Lt. Lux 370 359 Ground Targets – Steep diving and turning approach to strafe ground target in front of large home. Lt. Frank O. Lux flying P-51 43-24948 CS-J as White Four in Lt. Cunningham’s flight shared in the destruction of a truck with Vos and Cunningham.

8/8/1944 Lt. O’Shea 370 359 Trucks – Strafing trucks on road. Lt. James H. O’Shea flying P-51 44-13633 CS-R was Red Flight Leader in the vicinity NE of Rouen. ER states” “I was leading Red Flight. We gave area support to the bombers until 1400 when the bombers crossed out. We then went to our area for ground strafing. We saw five trucks which we fired and left burning after working over them for a while. My flight claims (shared) five (5) trucks destroyed.” O’Shea’s flight included Lt. Ramser, Lt. Buchanan and Lt. Wilson.

8/10/1944 2nd Lt. J.E. Keur 369 359 – Nice super clear segment on railcar strafing near village. Strafes work locomotive. This pass he fly’s straight down tracks and violently strafes work locomotive. Another pass on marshalling yard and then off to another train. Appears to be direct hit on locomotive and the boiler ruptures. Lt. John E. Keur flying P-51 43-12239 IV-Q as White Four, wingman to Lt. Claude J. Crenshaw, lost the flight. ER states: “After bombing a Marshalling Yard I lost the flight. Seeing a lone Engine in a small town I made three passes on it seeing it blow up. I then started west along the track to find some one to pair up with when I saw a train with about 50 Goods Cars going East on the track to Sarrebourg. I made a pass from about 30 degrees head-on and saw it blow up. I did a 270 degree to the right and took a picture with my camera. At that time I noticed I had 70 gallons of gas left so I started for Manston landing at about 1310. I claim Two (2) locomotives destroyed.” Ammo expended was 903 rds. Lt. Keur made a forced landing at Manston (RAF 9) England.

8/10/1944 2nd Lt. C.J. Crenshaw 369 359 Trains – Lt. Crenshaw flying P-51 44-13606 IV-I as White Three, element leader in Capt. Pezda’s flight. First pass is on moving train in wide open area with no shelter in sight. Second pass is made from other side but it looks like the target has already ruptured its boiler. Train is no longer moving. Next target is a train behind a long row of homes along a road to a village. The pilot does an amazing job of focusing gunfire on train and missing homes. Makes second pass. Comes across marshalling yard and attacks locomotive on train. Crenshaw makes a forced landing at Framlingham (Station 153) England upon return.

8/10/1944 2nd Lt. G.C. Deen 369 359 Trains – Train has stopped behind some large trees. Pilot shoots through trees. Another train is discovered in open area. Strafed across middle of train. Lt. Grover C. Deen flying P-51 44-13336 IV-Y/ as element leader (Yellow Three) in Harry Cuzner’s flight.

8/10/1944 Lt. Col. W.H. Swanson 369 359 Trains – High above village a train is spotted. Low pass on moving train is met by strafing on locomotive. Train is passing in front of building as it is hit. Train continues slower now. On next pass the train appears to be stopped. Locomotive is hit and boiler ruptures. Another train is strafed and a sudden burst of tracers is seen screaming towards camera plane. Pilot shifts his attention to location of ground fire. Next target is a marshalling yard. Lt. col. Swanson leading the 359 Fighter Group on a dive bombimg mission in area from Bar-le-Duc to Strasborg, France, flying P-51 44-13914 IV-Y as White Leader with the 368FS. His wingman Lt. Lester W. Hovden is KIA at Rammersweiler Germany on this mission.

8/10/1944 Capt. L.G. Taylor 369 359 Train – Train in open area in hazy area is strafed. Capt. Lester G. Taylor flying P-51 44-13689 IV-H as Red Leader with Lt. Ferris Suttle as his wingman.

8/10/1944 2nd Lt. J.D. Stevens 369 359 Trains – Looks like train shot by Deen. Next target is the same train struck by flying down tracks. Locomotive boiler has already ruptured. Another low pass in the opposite direction shows us homes nestled in trees, tracks and road crossing not seen before. Pilot fly’s through steam escaping from train. Next train attack is against train on large berm that appears to have bisected village. Homes at base of berm. Strafing pass is almost at train level. Pilot pulls up to miss wires alongside tracks. Many shots strike front of locomotive. Lt. Stevens flying 42-106680 IV-J as Blue Flight Leader. Steven’s made a forced landing at Manston (RAF) station upon return to England. Lt. Paul McCluskey, flying Blue Four position in Stevens’s flight was KIA on this mission.

8/10/1944 2nd Lt. F.C. Suttle 369 359 Trains – Strafing run on the stationary train. Lt. F.C. Suttle flying P-51 42-103797 IV-E as Red Two, wingman to Lester Taylor.

8/10/1944 Capt. E.F. Pezda 369 359 Train – Strafing entire length of stationary train. Capt. Pezda was flying P-51 44-13301 IV-B as White Flight Leader with Lt. Buniowski on his wing.

8/10/1944 2nd Lt. J.F. Buniowski 369 359 Trains – Appears to be same strafing runs on train with Capt. Pezda. Additional footage of train on curve in village with homes on both sides of tracks. Low pass. Strafing attack on marshalling yard. Lt. John F. Buiowski flying P-51 43-24756 IV-V/ as White Two on Capt. Pezda’s wing.

5/31/1945 Capt. Marvin F. Boussu 368 359 Camera Gunnery – Two P-51s in front of camera plane. You can see the left hand bug indicating guns firing but this is practice footage. Nice runs on P-51s.

11/5/1944 2nd Lt. M.F. Boussu 368 359 Ground Target, Trains – Low pass just above trees. Multiple strafing runs on train, boiler blown.

4/9/1945 Capt. M.F. Boussu 368 359 EA High altitude engagement. – Plane training smoke races under camera plane. Camera plane passes through smoke trail and executes a right hand climbing turn.

3/3/1945 Lt. M.F. Boussu 368 359 Trucks, Towers – High altitude flight then strafing run against trucks on a road. Low and fast pass. Strafing several trucks on road and then nice footage of attack against some towers and then a larger tower at a facility with a tall smokestack.

2/23/1945 Lt. M.F. Boussu 368 359 Ground Targets Big explosion and then footage of flying along beach.

1/29/1945 Lt. M.F. Boussu 368 359 Trucks, Trains, Towers – High altitude footage and then an amazing segment of a very low pass over snowy landscape of a truck being strafed with a soldier running away from truck as it is struck. More passes against truck from various angles. Next we see a strafing pass on a train. The locomotive boiler has already blown. Low pass against low tower. Pass against tower at rail yard. Low pass against building at base of tall tower.

5/21/1944 2nd Lt. R.B. Sander 369 359 Plane, Train – Low pass on aircraft on ground. Unidentified. Aircraft is a single engine fighter looking aircraft with a tail that looks like a modern Mooney. Next pass shows plane on fire. Low strafing of train.

5/21/1944 1st Lt. C.H. Kruger 369 359 Train – Multiple strafing run on train. Appears that boiler has blown. Companion fighter seen in foreground and background.

5/21/1944 Capt. R.H. Broach 369 359 – Capt. Broach is on same strafing run as 2nd Lt. Kruger. More smoke and fire seen. Strafes train from higher altitude. Strafing tall tower at nearly ground level and then back to train.

5/21/1944 1st Lt. R.L. Thacker 369 359 Train – Multiple strafing passes against racing train. Exceptional pass over marshalling yard clearly showing rolling stock.

5/21/1944 1st Lt. H.S. Matthew 369 359 Trains – Multiple passes against trains. Appears to have been in the same flight as Thacker.

5/21/1944 2nd Lt. F.S. Fong 369 359 Train – Strafing attack against a rolling locomotive.

5/21/1944 1st Lt. E.R. Orwing, Jr 369 359 Trains, Airdrome – Appears to have been in same flight with Thacker, Matthew and possibly Fong. Strafing runs against trains and marshaling yards. Ground level pass at nose of aircraft parked on airdrome. Overview shot of barracks.

5/21/1944 Lt. T.J. McGeever 368 359 Airdrome, Trains – Strafing airdrome with aircraft racing to takeoff. Strikes against HE 111. Strafing runs on racing trains.

5/21/1944 Lt. R.B. Hatter 368 359 Airdrome – Interesting shot of strikes on ground aircraft located just behind houses, near a steep hill and just behind large barn or hanger. Strikes against HE 111. The plane left on fire. Repeated passes on airdrome aircraft with several on fire.

5/21/1944 1st Lt. B.M. Hagan 368 359 Ground Targets – Segments against train on bridge, river, field, tall radio tower and house/ buildings.

5/21/1944 1st Lt. T.S. Lane 368 359 Airdrome – Strafing at airdrome. First target is a biplane. Smoke from burring aircraft seen in background. Same airdrome as attacked by Hagen. Wider view of buildings and structure. Shows aircraft struck by Hagen, on fire.

5/21/1944 1st Lt. A.G. Homeyer 368 359 JU 52, FW 190 – Reverse angles of buildings as show in previous film on attacks on airdrome by Lane and Hatter. Stationary train strafed. Tall radio tower strafed from base level. Tower strafed again. JU 52 floatplane is strafed on water.

5/21/1944 1st Lt. J.B. Hunter 368 359 Ground Targets – Strafing tall radio tower, train, marshaling yard, buildings, train in the village, buildings, electrical transmission towers, moving train, stationary train with an excellent segment of train attack with companion flight aircraft in foreground, another pass on the train with another companion flight aircraft in foreground, next segment shows train boiler ruptured, companion aircraft is making a low strafing run in the foreground and appears to be 25′ off ground, people can be seen running from the train in background and camera plane flies through steam from a locomotive.

5/21/1944 2nd Lt. G.M. Randolph 368 359 Ground Targets – Strafing airdrome, HE 111 struck, one smoking in the background. Strafing train, a tall tower, and a racing train.

5/21/1944 Lt. G.C. Bach 368 359 FW 190 & Ground Targets – Low over the small town, very clear. Marshalling yard is seen in the foreground. Strafes airdrome, planes are seen on fire, and strafes train.

5/21/1944 Capt. McKee 370 359 Tower, Train – Strafing tall tower and train.

5/21/1944 Lt. Hipsher 370 359 Tower, Train – Strafing tall tower and train. Appears to have been on the same flight with McKee.

5/21/1944 Lt. Cunningham 370 359 Buildings & Train – Strafing small industrial buildings with tall smokestacks and train.

5/21/1944 Lt. Newberg 370 359 Airdrome, Trains, Tower – Passes just above trees and homes. Attacks airdrome along the river. Strafes trains and a tall tower.

5/21/1944 Lt. Wetmore 370 359 Tower & Trains Strafes radio tower, train, train in marshaling yard and stationary train.

5/21/1944 Lt. Doersch 370 359 Trains & Airplane – Strafes train in marshaling yard with the town in the background. Strafes stationary train and small industrial looking area near town. Strafes airplane at the airdrome.

7/20/1944 Lt. Callahan 370 359 FW 190 – FW 190 in air on hazy day.

7/20/1944 Lt. Windmiller 370 359 FW 190 – Pursuing FW 190 in air on hazy day.

7/20/1944 F/O Reese 370 359 FW 190 – Pursuing FW 190 in air on hazy day.

6/11/1944 2nd Lt. H.A. Linderer 369 359 – Pilot fly’s low over telephone lines and down dirt road strafing vehicle on side of road near homes. Strafes different, less populated section of road.

6/11/1944 Lt. P. Bateman 370 359 Truck – Strafing truck along road.

6/11/1944 Lt. Lemmens 370 359 Trucks – Strafing trucks on roads.

6/10/1944 1st Lt. R. Pherson 369 359 Ground Targets – Strafing ground target along railway and trucks.

6/8/1944 1st Lt. R.L. Pherson 369 359 Trucks- Multiple strafing runs against trucks along road.

6/6/1944 1st Lt. R.L. Pherson 369 359 Ground Targets – Very hazy footage showing strafing of unknown ground targets. Appears to have been taken either very early or very late in the day.

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