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Every Purchase Helps to Save a Dog

Here at Rare Aviation, Pam and I are very passionate about helping to save dogs from kill shelters and bad homes.

Years ago, we started a nonprofit group,, and actively flew rescue dogs up and down the east coast. You can read stories about our flights.

We donate 10 percent of the profits from each sale to the nonprofit Mr. Bones & Co. to help save a dog’s life.

Steve & Pam –
The History Of The Cockpit Organizer
Steve & Pam meet their dog rescue passenger and prepare for a forever home flight.

Here is what Elli Frank says about our dog rescue efforts.

The History Of The Cockpit Organizer

“In March 2016, I met Steve and Pam Rhode, the incredible people behind, a nonprofit organization dedicated to flying dogs in need of rescue to help them on their way to a better life, and in many cases, to save their lives.

I had reached out to them about three puppies desperate to be moved out of North Carolina. Widespread failure to spay and neuter has crippled this state’s municipal shelter system, often forcing the mass euthanasia of otherwise adoptable pets. I had to move fast to save these dogs and ensure three more dogs could take their places at the no-kill sanctuary we pulled from Faithful Friends in Salisbury, NC.

Just when I thought it might not happen, Steve and Pam generously offered their plane and time, kicking off a lasting relationship.

Since our first meeting in 2015, Steve and Pam have come through more times than I can count, many of them at the last minute when all other hope seemed lost.

The History Of The Cockpit Organizer

Throughout these rescue flights, which ensured many of the dogs we pulled out of North Carolina made their way safely to us in New York City, I came to know them both well.

I easily saw how they were different from other organizations transporting dogs and have been grateful for their support all these years.

These days, while’s Steve and Pam are no longer regularly flying, these long-time dog lovers and animal welfare advocates have made it a point to stay in touch, to advocate for the cases we take in and to continue to support the efforts of my rescue nonprofit, Mr. Bones & Co., with monthly financial donations, as well as support for individual special needs cases.

I have met many people since founding my organization in 2013. Steve and Pam Rhode, as well as the volunteers from I met along the way continues to be a highlight for me.

Good people, like good dogs, are easy to spot. They stick by your side from beginning to end and shine most brightly when the task at hand seems dark and difficult. I am forever grateful for the difference they make.”

Elizabeth (Elli) Frank
Founder and Executive Director
Mr. Bones & Co.

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