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You probably reached this page from a link on a product that indicated it was a searchable PDF. Maybe you clicked on something that looked like this.

Searchable PDF Graphic

So what is a searchable PDF, and why is that a big deal?

I’ve worked hard to create PDF files of historical documents you can instantly download and easily search. Using the latest OCR software, the text in the PDF has been converted to text quickly search to find what you need.

“A searchable PDF file is 100x easier to find specific information than hunting for a specific detail in a printed manual or reference book. As an aviator and a researcher, I would much rather have access to a digital file that has been converted using advanced PCR software than a printed book.”

Pilot Steve

Without converting a PDF file, you would not be able to search the file using the find command on your computer. On a PC, this is typically CTRL-F, and on a Mac, it is CMD-F.

The searchability of the OCR conversion will allow you to get much more value out of a download than just a regular digital file. searchable PDF files make it easy to search for specific information in a long and detailed document. Trust me, you will thank me for doing all the work in advance to make the digital download more valuable than a printed document.

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