Baggage Organizer For Twins, Business And Corporate Aircraft
Baggage Organizer For Twins, Business And Corporate Aircraft
Baggage Organizer For Twins, Business And Corporate Aircraft
Baggage Organizer For Twins, Business And Corporate Aircraft
Baggage Organizer For Twins, Business And Corporate Aircraft
Baggage Organizer For Twins, Business And Corporate Aircraft

Baggage Organizer for Twins, Business and Corporate Aircraft

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Store all your emergency aircraft supplies, so they are secure, organized, and easily accessible. NOTE: all items shown in the product photos are not included.
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Stop Endlessly Searching or Your Aviation Supplies

With the Baggage Organizer, you’ll instantly find what you need — even in the dark. Since everything is stored in the same place, a glance will let you know you have the critical supplies you need before you depart.

The Baggage Organizer 35 is a perfect addition to any larger single-engine, twin-engine, and corporate aircraft that can accommodate the 35" x 14" x 4.25" size.

Note: all items shown in the example photo are not included.

Infinite Possibilities

The Sky's The Limit

The Baggage Organizer provides infinite possibilities with various compartments for storing and organizing an enormous collection of aviation essentials like:

  • Tire Tubes – Nose & Main
  • Spare Alternator Belts
  • First Aid Kit
  • Four Quarts of Oil
  • Spark Plugs
  • Toolkit
  • Battery to Jumpstart Plane
  • Jumper Adapter
  • Wheel Chocks

Our Favorites

Use whatever items you want for your Baggage Organizer. These are links to the specific products we purchased that fit perfectly in the Baggage Organizer:

Why Pilots Love It

  • Easily moves between aircraft (not bolted down)
  • Keeps emergency supplies secure, organized, and easily accessible
  • Clear acrylic sides for easy access and quick pre-flights

How to Use the Baggage Organizer

Fit Guide & Other Uses

Fit Guide

The footprint of the Baggage Organizer is 35 inches long by 14 inches wide.

Note: all items shown in the example photos are not included.

Other Uses

When you are not flying, you can use your Baggage Organizer in your car, truck, or van to keep things organized as well.

Built to Last

Built to last for decades of regular use,The Cockpit Organizer is cons tructed out of strong and rugged clear acrylic — a transparent material with high-level of impact resistance (17x stronger than glass).

The Beauty of Acrylic

Acrylic is reliable, durable, and can withstand temperature changes and UV light. It won't yellow over time and is easy to clean — you can use the same cleaning products you use for aircraft windows or mild soap and water (just avoid anything with ammonia).

Other perks include:

  • Non-conductive material
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Polish or buffer at any time to maximize clarity, soften edges, or buff out a scratch
  • In the unlikely event that acrylic plastic does break, it is designed to fracture into dull-edged pieces instead of sharp, dangerous shards like glass

Why I Developed the Aircraft Baggage Organizer

I designed the Baggae Organizer with all pilots in mind because you don’t want to be stuck at that far away airport and stranded. No, you don’t. I’ve learned that lesson.

The Flat Tire That Started It All

I was getting ready to take the active runway on a Friday afternoon when I heard the painful flub, flub, flub of a flat tire. A mechanic was just about to go home for the day, but the worst part was the correct sized replacement tube was days away. Oh no.

There are some events I’ve lived through as a pilot that stress me out—for example, needing a jump start, dealing with a broken belt, blown tubes, a bad spark plug, not having an extra quart or two of oil, and needing a tool but not having a tool kit readily available.

But I did not want to toss all the items into a box or leave them sliding around the back of the plane.

So I designed a purpose-built baggage compartment organizer for pilots like you and me. The Baggage Organizer fits all aircraft and can make flying less stressful because you know you have what you need.



As a 2,575+ hour SEI, MEI, commercially rated pilot, flying into airports without FBO’s or related support services, having standby supplies is critical. That’s why I acquired Rare Aviation’s Baggage Organizer (aka my Critical Supplies Kit). The organizer allows quick access to spark plugs, tire tubes, compact jump start battery, first aid & tools kits and more allowing me to save valuable time and keep scheduled commitments. I would recommend the organizer to any pilots who fly into small airports especially those who may not be able to provide needed emergency assistance to keep you airborne.

Robert Zarrancia
Verified Owner

When I opened the box the Baggage Organizer was in I was immediately impressed with the quality of this product. Thick wall material with dividers to secure your items in place so they are not all over the back of your plane. I like the see-through material so I know what items I’ve got stored back there; never having to dig through a tool bag to see what I’m missing.

Dax Williamson
Verified Owner

I purchased the seat organizer several months ago. It’s a great addition for the stuff you use during a flight. Very very handy and high quality. The rear organizer is great too. Much improved over my cardboard box! I’ve already stocked it with some of the items pictured. Highly recommend both organizers!

Kevin Horrell
Verified Owner

Both products (Baggage Organizer and Cockpit Organizer) fit perfectly and allow the badly needed organization in the Skylane. Excellent customer service as well.

Keith Campbell
Verified Owner