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Rare Aviation Cessna 182

You Are Cleared to Land at Rare Aviation

Welcome to the eclectic Rare Aviation Online pilot shop. Whether you’re looking for archival movies, historical pilot and aircraft manuals, cool aviation T-shirts, or the upgraded Cessna Cockpit Organizer and Indispensable Aircraft Baggage Organizer, you’ve safely arrived.

This shop is owned by a firefighter rescue pilot and your purchases help to keep me in the air serving people in trouble.

Thank you!
You Are Cleared To Land At Rare Aviation

Cockpit OrganizerBaggage Organizer

George R. from United States (US) purchased

Cessna R182 & TR182 Series 1978 - 1996 Illustrated Parts Catalog

13 days, 7 hours, 24 minutes ago

Jez Mora from Fort Pierce purchased

Custom Cockpit Organizer for Any Airplane

51 minutes ago