Gallery of Custom Cockpit Organizers

Many people love the Cessna Cockpit Organizer and see the tremendous utility and storage it instantly adds to any aircraft.

I've been asked if I can customize the Cockpit Organizer, and the answer is You Bet!

For examples of custom Cockpit Organizers people have requested, see the image galleries at the bottom of this page.

From a Rockwell Commander to a pilot who wanted a custom armrest adapter, I've assisted pilots with one-off Cockpit Organizers.

There is no custom Cockpit Organizer project that can't be completed with the application of time and money.

I realize every situation is unique and different. Therefore, it is impossible to give a flat rate for each custom Cockpit Organizer. The finished price ultimately depends on the complexity of the customization requested.

Sometimes the customization is an adjustment to the current units and that is the least expensive option. Other times a complex request requires a new set of engineering drawings.

But as a general rule of thumb, a customized Cockpit Organizer will cost at least $100 more than a stock Cockpit Organizer. That is a small price to pay for the unique organization solution and storage you want for your special airplane.